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CAD President Kavita Pipalia interview LEAD-K National Director Sheri Farinha - October 27, 2018

October 27, 2018 UPDATE! CAD President Kavita Pipalia sat down with LEAD-K National Director Sheri Farinha for an interview on the agreement between LEAD-K and Alexander Graham Bell Association on LEAD-K Legislation.


Interview with Sheri Farinha

October 27, 2018

Sacramento, CA

Click here to view full transcript of the interview.

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We advocate for Deaf rights. Follow our progress here!

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FACEBOOK: CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

11 hours ago

CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

Lorraine Flores was one of our speakers at CAD's Deaf Education Symposium in 2017. Congratulations on your well-received honor. Thank you for all the work you do for the Latinx youth. Congratulations to CSD and to their shining student, Liliana!DCARA hosted their Deaf Community Awards (formerly known as Deaf Community Night) at CSD. CSD was awarded for Partnership and for regaining relationships with community organizations, including DCARA. Liliana Ortiz, our Eaglet, received the Shining Star award. She was recognized for her leadership and for her contributions to CSD. She is definitely going places! We are thrilled for her. Congrats, Liliana! Lorraine Flores, CSD teacher, received the Change Agent award for her untiring work bringing communities together, by elevating marginalized individuals so they gave access to opportunities! Congrats, Lorraine! What a wonderful day for CSD! ... See MoreSee Less

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11 hours ago

CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

Deaf Counseling Advocacy & Referral Agency DCARA
[JOB OPENING] Advocate, San Leandro Office.

[VIDEO] Marta Ordaz is DCARA's longest DCARA employee, going on her 39th year. She shares her secret on her longevity and the reason why she enjoyed working at DCARA this long.

About DCARA:

DCARA's workplace culture is a fun, challenging, and caring working environment where you can grow your career. We work together by being inclusive everyone - including ideas, of people, of points of view. Individually, we are experts at what we do. Collectively, our impact is even greater. You’ll find some of the best and most satisfied staff working for the agency. At DCARA, you will be able to use your experiences, abilities, creativity, and energy to work and discover the talents within yourself as you enrich the lives of Deaf* (Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf with disabilities, hard of hearing, and late-deafened) community members.

To submit your job application:


My name is Marta (sign name).
I have worked for DCARA for about…
39 years... It has been a while.
I was born in Mexico and then I moved to
America when I was five years old
in a city called Livermore which
was a small town with just 2 or 3…
major wine vineyards but now we have--
oh wow, over forty!
Livermore is now considered as another
Napa Valley wine country, yeah…
Now I love living here in Livermore
I also grew up here in Livermore. I went to
public school and there was no interpreter—
So I missed a lot of information, wow -
That was unfortunate part of my life
where I didn't have access to sign language
or an interpreter…
I went to Deaf School at age 16 for two
years and then I graduated.
I went to Gallaudet University and
graduated with a Social Work degree
After that, I moved back home.
How did I find out about DCARA?
My Vocational Rehabilitation counselor
suggested that I apply for a job there
as an Independent Living Skills Specialist.
I felt it was relevant to my degree -
So I applied for the job but I didn't get it.
I decided to volunteer for about a month.
And then that position was open again
so I reapplied. I got interviewed and hired.
Guess who interviewed me?
Marilyn Smith... Yes, Marilyn Smith!
and Claire Ellis. Those two got me this job
that I still have today.
This job has given me a lot of experience
being involved in different aspects of our community. For example, the educational
system, prison system, court system,
psychiatry system, hospital/medical system --
All of them... I mean, it is amazing.
I am always learning and I don't get bored.
If I was working in one area, I don't think -
I could last this long.
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5 days ago

CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

Seek the World
Francis Phiri was born in a very poor village, the capital of Zambia, Africa. He escaped from child labor, oppression, and homelessness to having a successful career as a teacher, happily married and founded a non-profit organization, Giving Back to Community - Zambia, in the United States today!

Follow their page: GBCZ

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2017 CAD Conference

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We advocate for Deaf rights

CAD has advocated on the behalf of Deaf Californians since 1906.

California has 17,000 Deaf children.

Over 363,000 Deaf adults reside in California.

Inspired to help? Have advocacy ideas? We need you!

We believe in nothing about us Deaf People without us Deaf People, especially with policy-making, laws, and businesses.

We are alarmed with the growing epidemic of language deprived Deaf children due to the ideology of speaking and listening only promoted by the medical professionals.

Deaf children have the right to have full access to American Sign Language at school, home and with their Deaf peers.