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CAD joins the #DeafTalent movement for "The Silence" to cast Deaf actors. Thank you, Marlee Matlin and Nyle DiMarco for your tweets which brought this discrimination against Deaf actors to the Deaf community's attention.

The Daily Moth
“The Silence” Movie To Cast Hearing Actor in Deaf Role
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California School for the Deaf - Fremont
Pig's Egg told in ASL by Katherine Greene and Pat Bernstein
Video by Paul Rosa
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FACEBOOK: Art ASL Video Awards

5 months ago

Art ASL Video Awards
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5 months ago

Art ASL Video Awards

April 14th, 2018

Master of Ceremonies: Erin Oleson Dickson and Mohamed Hamza Shooble

Judges: Marla Hatrak, Carlo Santos Oliquino and RichKris Hall

Congratulations to the winners:
Video Artists - Masters: Garrett Bose, Phil Sanchez and E. Lynn Jacobowitz
Video Artists - Juniors: Isaac Lee, Angeni Sloan and Melanie Gregory

Specail Thanks:
Lily Molina
Carole-Ann Bader
DCS e5 After School Program
San Diego Central Library

Produced by
Lenois Productions

Sponsored by
CAD (California Association of the Deaf)
Deaf Community Services of San Diego
#asl #americansignlanguage #Deaftalents #Deaftalent #Deafartist #videoart #videoartist #artaslvideo #SanDiego #california #USA #Deaf #Community #Deafcommunity #empowerment
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6 months ago

Art ASL Video Awards

Erin Oleson Dickson: hi!
Mohamed Hamza Shooble: hello!
e: Wow, it was easy to find parking under the library.
m: I came via San Diego trolley. It was an easy 3-minute walk here. Oh, I'm wondering if the judges have been chosen.
e: Judges? Yes, we have chosen them and the three of them are...(followed by still images of Marla Hatrak, Carlo Santos Oliquino, and RichKris Hall .)
m: cool! (to audience) have you gotten your tickets yet?
e: it's coming up in two weeks! where? (both point to the auditorium behind them.)
For more info then go to .
Produced by Lenois Productions.
Sponsored by CAD (California Association of the Deaf) and Deaf Community Services of San Diego
#Deaf #Art #DeafArtist #Deaftalent #Videoartist #Videoart #DeafEducation #ASL #AmericanSignLanguage #empowerment #Deafcommunity #community #awards #SanDiego #ArtASLVideo #aslday #sandiegocentrallibrary
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We advocate for Deaf rights

CAD has advocated on the behalf of Deaf Californians since 1906.

California has 17,000 Deaf children.

Over 363,000 Deaf adults reside in California.

Inspired to help? Have advocacy ideas? We need you!

We believe in nothing about us Deaf People without us Deaf People, especially with policy-making, laws, and businesses.

We are alarmed with the growing epidemic of language deprived Deaf children due to the ideology of speaking and listening only promoted by the medical professionals.

Deaf children have the right to have full access to American Sign Language at school, home and with their Deaf peers.