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2015 CAD Convention at San Diego September 25-27th

2013-2015 CAD Statewide Officers

President Julie Rems Smario, Marla Hatrak, Nancy Amann, Dodi Ellis, Patricia Branz, Alyce Slater Reynolds, and Erika Thompson

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Our Vision Statement
The vision of CAD is that the language, culture, and heritage of Deaf Californians will be acknowledged and www.tenfold.org.uk respected in the pursuit of life, liberty, and equality.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the California Association of www.hexicamaerials.com the Deaf is to preserve, protect and promote the zslaw.rs civil, human, and linguistic rights of Deaf people in California.

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CAD Convention 2015
Fri Sep 25 @ 9:00AM -

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