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CAD President Kavita Pipalia interview LEAD-K National Director Sheri Farinha - October 27, 2018

October 27, 2018 UPDATE! CAD President Kavita Pipalia sat down with LEAD-K National Director Sheri Farinha for an interview on the agreement between LEAD-K and Alexander Graham Bell Association on LEAD-K Legislation.


Interview with Sheri Farinha

October 27, 2018

Sacramento, CA

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FACEBOOK: CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

9 hours ago

CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

Our public schools are in crisis. Never has this been more apparent than now with over 30,000 educators striking in the streets of Los Angeles. The destitute economic condition of our public schools is largely the result of the unchecked growth of charter schools that continues every year. California is now the state with the most charter schools and charter school students in the nation. Approximately 10 percent of California students attend charter schools and the per pupil funding for each of these 600,000 students is being diverted away from neighborhood public schools, leaving them with fewer and fewer resources. It has been estimated that Los Angeles Unified School District loses 600 million dollars annually as a result of the loss of enrollment to charter schools. This year alone 70 new charter schools opened in California, enrolling an additional 30,000 students. Over the last ten years charter school enrollment has grown by 150 percent. Due to a declining birth rate, our state is projecting a decline in enrollment of 258,000 students over the next ten years, yet the California Charter Schools Association has set a goal of enrolling one million students in charter schools by 2022. Opening unneeded schools is fiscally irresponsible and will only exacerbate the financial problems of public school districts. #LAUSDStrike #UTLAStrong #WeAreLA
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1 day ago

CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

I attended the #UTLA rally today in downtown Los Angeles. This is a crucial moment for our #DeafEd students as we are fighting against privatization of the schools where our students will NOT thrive (among other reasons including better salary, better student to teacher ratio, more access etc) I’m with Teachers of the Deaf (TOD) who work with the Los Angeles Unified School District, taking in their energy and spirit. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage with The Daily Moth!
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2 days ago

CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

The Daily Moth
From Convo: How are the children and kids of Deaf adults today different from the previous generations?

Students and staff of PS 347 - The American Sign Language and English Lower School in New York City share some of their experiences.

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[Captions available, Turn it on. Transcript & Image description in comments]
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We advocate for Deaf rights

CAD has advocated on the behalf of Deaf Californians since 1906.

California has 17,000 Deaf children.

Over 363,000 Deaf adults reside in California.

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We believe in nothing about us Deaf People without us Deaf People, especially with policy-making, laws, and businesses.

We are alarmed with the growing epidemic of language deprived Deaf children due to the ideology of speaking and listening only promoted by the medical professionals.

Deaf children have the right to have full access to American Sign Language at school, home and with their Deaf peers.