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Acknowledgment from Disney to CAD's letter of commendation

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CAD's letter of commendation to Disney for a for a job well done with the McFeely-Johnson family is acknowledged:


An Unforgettable Project for The Hall

March 2, 2016

Yellow Shoes and The Hall’s Unforgettable spot for Disney featuring the Mansfield family finally hit the internet on Monday after spending some time being featured as an in-theater promo before Star Wars: The Force Awakens and as a broadcast spot on the Disney Channel. In less than 72 hours online, it’s racked up over 4.3 million views onFacebook — and judging by the comments, has touched almost as many hearts.

The Hall’s Unforgettable spot for Disney featuring the Mansfield family

The Hall’s “Unforgettable” spot for Disney featuring the Mansfield family

Manny, Sheena, Shaylee, and Ivy were a dream to work with, and have kept us in the loop on how the piece is being received by the Deaf community which has been very important to us. So far, we’re incredibly proud of the feedback, including this open letter from the California Association for the Deaf.

Here are links for Picrow’s Facebook page, more work from the guys down The Hall, and some stuff from the rest of Picrow, here.


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