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SAVE THE DATE: ASL Celebration 2016 -- September 22, 2016

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CAD's ASL Celebration 2016!!!
Thursday, September 22nd, 2016.

[video description: the video pans from the sidewalk to California State Capitol with white font text on lower bottom that read: “ASL Celebration 2016. Sacramento, CA.”

the video transition, using outer to inner circle effect, to where two people are standing on the stairs in front of the building from the back with the umbrella hiding them. on the left, identified Latinx womxn is in black with flower pattern skirt who is holding flower patterned umbella and black purse. on the right, identified white male in dark grey pants and black blazer with light grey hat.

the video transition, close up, to identified Latinx womxn swirling the umbrella. then both of them turn around.

identified Latinx womxn is wearing black sweater, sunglasses with black and white grey curly hair. identified white male is wearing grey vest and red tie underneath the black suit with long brown beard.

identified Latinx womxn puts the umbrella down and touched a white male’s shoulder as he looks at her, and she gestured for him to introduce himself.

identified white male nods and starts to sign, “Hi, My name is Collin,” and gestures to identified Latinx womxn. (the video has white font captioning their signing)

“I’m Kristeena. I’m excited! Because…” she signs.

Collin: “ASL Celebration 2016!”

Kristeena: “WAHOO!”

Collin: “Why?”

Kristeena: “Event is for celebrating and cherishing the language of ASL.”

Collin: “The event takes place where?”

Kristeena: “In the Capitol of California.”


video transition; video panning from top of Capitol to down. white presenting person with brown shoulder length hair in brown long sleeve sweater signs. 
Kelly: “Hello, My name is Kelly. I just moved in Sacramento area. Looking forward for this celebration! The location is on the 10th st and L st. Will walk to the area to show where it is.

video fast forward of Kristeena, Collin and Kelly walking.

video transition to up close of Collin, Kelly and Kristeena.

Kristeena: “This is where the location will be at the booths,” and points to the background of grass and sidewalks.

As Collin is holding the camera, three of them are panning from the left to the right to show the location where the booths would be at.

As they reach to the stairs with stage, Kristeena: “This is where the stage will be at. Will have announcements with details later on.

video transition to up close of Kelly in front of building. 
Kelly: “SAVE THE DATE. Thursday, September 22nd at 9am to 3pm. Meet here and all day long!

video transition to up close of Kristeena and Collin in front of building.

Kristeena: “I am really excited and we both will be posting more VLOGS. Further details will be coming up soon.”


Kristeena and Collin are waving goodbyes.

video transition to black background with white font text that read: “#ASLNOW2016”

CAD LOGO: white circle with blue outline. inside of the circle, there is a second smaller circle in light blue with darker blue font that read: CAD. between the outside blue outline and smaller circle, on top black font text read: “CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF” with black font text on bottom that read: “1906”]

Credits to Kristeena, Collin, Leang, Angela, and my mom April.

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