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0:01  CAD flyer with the organization’s logo and blue borders.  The background is beige: 

Post-Conference- Language Equality & Equity: From Womb to the World


September 25-27, 2015

San Diego, California

0:06Narrator—(Jesse Jones) A tall slender attractive Black man  with short black hair with lovely white lining of hair on the forehead hairline and trimmed beard.  He is wearing a white sweater and is standing in front of  of a breath-taking beach view. 

He signs in ASL:  Recently during the last weekend of  September, the CAD conference was hosted in San Diego. Wow! It was a great conference.  Let me summarize what happened during that weekend.

0:16  A corporate building with a California flag in front- Friday, September 25 8:00 am to 5:00 PM CAD Conference Workshops  Location: Corporate Alliance of San Diego

0:21 A picture of CAD members seated to watch a powerpoint presentation in a corporate room.

0:24 A picture of CAD members doing the hand waving in the corporate room.

0:27 A picture of DawnSignPress building with its number, 613- with trees lining around the structure - “Friday, September 25th 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Wine & Cheese Social Location: DawnSignPress

0:33 A picture of DawnSignPress outdoor patio with columns.  People are socializing as the evening begins.

0:36 A picture of CAD members gathered together at DawnSignPress to look at the camera upwards (photographer took the picture from the second floor)  Everyone is smiling. 

0:36 Back to Jesse Jones in front of the beach view: Last Friday, all day on September 25th, there was a series of excellent workshops.  It started with Dr. Flavia Flesicher who shared with us the concept of Deaf Culture Community Wealth (DCCW). It was a very good presentation. The next workshop was given by Marla Hatrak about Language Is Not Equal to Communication.  I learned a lot from her.  The next one was presented by Laura Petersen and Julie Rems-Smario about What Is EHDI?  It helped me to be prepared for upcoming EHDI conference.  The next presentation was given by Dr. Tom Humphries who shared about his research group’s Harm Reduction article which emphasized that giving (sign) Language reduces harm. This presentation really impacted me. WOW!  Then there was a panel with parents sharing their perspectives of EDHI. Terrylene and Tony Ronco were on the panel.  It was very good. The parents were asked a lot of questions and we received a lot of responses which I learned about how to be ready for the future. The next presenter is Sheri Ann Farinha who shared with us about the history of Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD_K). I learned a lot from her.  Then to help us plan for the pending EHDI conference, it was let by Julie Rems-Smario and Alan Amann. It was a day of ongoing stimulating workshops   Then during the evening we all went to DawnSignPress for a wine and cheese social party.  I really thank DSP for their great support.  Food was given out by Feast On This.  Thank you! (Thumbs up gesture).

2:54 Picture of a high school building with a stoplight post in front. 

Saturday, September 26th

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Unity Day 2015: A Deaf Awareness Day Event

Location: Lincoln High School

3:00 A picture of CAD booth with Marla (a female-presenting person with blonde hair pulled back, black rimmed glasses, white sleeveless top and black pants)Hatrak talking to a group of people under a canopy.

3:03  Marla Hatrak is presenting to a full audience of participants.

3:07 A picture of a building with a sign  “Welcome” with an image of winged demon carrying three glasses of drinks.

Saturday, September 26th

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Deaf Club!

Location: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens- Liberty Station

3:12  Jesse is standing in front of a white building with blue trimmings. He signs: All day (at Unity Day) we had a CAD booth there with many people coming up to us with questions about CAD.  Marly Hatrak gave a workshop to teach that Language is not equal to Communication.  It was a good workshop.  I also so many Deaf children interacting and playing. It was nice.  Afterwards we all went to the Deaf Club!  All the Deaf people gathered along with the hearing. The community came together for good social time chatting and enjoying ourselves.  There were lots of laughters.  We had an open stage event!  Several people came forward to the stage to share ASL stories and  jokes all night until the restaurant closed.  I really had a good time.

3:55 A picture of another corporate building with bricks surrounded with greeneries with a green and white signage (could be a lease sign- can’t decode it clearly)

Sunday, September 27th

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

CAD Business Meeting

Location: Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Inc (DCS)

4:01  A picture of DCS meeting room full of CAD members with CAD ppt being prepared.  Jesse Jones is standing as the CDI with blue shirt and khaki shorts. 

4:03 A picture of seven newly elected board members swearing in for their new term. (left to right: Julie Rems-Smario, Marla Hatrak, Deanne Bray, Dodi Ellis, Matthew Sampson, Shelley Stout, Kavita Pipalia.

Image description of the new Board members: Seven new CAD board members standing together with arms around one another, smiling towards the camera. Left to right: Julie Rems-Smario, female presenting white person while short brown hair; wearing black outfit and black and white striped light blazer. Marla Hatrak, female presenting white person with blonde hair pulled back, glasses, denim top and black pants. Deanne Bray, female presenting white person with blonde hair pulled back, glasses, blacktop with white letters "I Love School" and white pants. Dodi Ellis, female presenting white person with long brown braid resting on her left shoulder and glasses pulled back on her head, white peasant top and white pants. Matthew Sampson, a tall male presenting white person with dirty blond hair, glasses, white shirt with buttons, and khaki shorts. Shelley Stout, female presenting white person with short light brown hair, blue t-shirt with CAD logo on her left shoulder, and finally Kavita Pipalia, a female presenting person with short black hair and brown ski. While flashing an ILY sign, she is wearing a white blouse with a necklace and a gold sweater with fringes-

4:07  Back to Jesse Jones with a beach view in the backyard a a blue patio umbrella at the left. 

Jess signs: All day on  Sunday the CAD members had a business meeting with different motions and ideas including issues about Deaf education, employment, Senior Citizens, Deaf  children, SB 210, plus, we elected new board officers!  I am excited to announce who are the new officers:

President: Julie Rems-Smario

Vice President: Marla Hatrak

Secretary: Deanne Bray

Treasurer: Dodi Ellis

Membership Director: Matthew Sampson

Southern California Representative: Kavita Pipalia (from Los Angeles)

Northern California Representative: Shelley Stout (from Fresno)

All of the new board officers are excited to work on the new motions passed to serve you for the next two years 2015-2017.

During past three days, the CAD conference has been successful because of the help from you Deaf Californians who participated   I want to thank you for what you do.  For those of you who could not join the conference, it is okay because we have more events coming up soon.  When you become a member, you can participate, get involved and contribute your time.Deaf Californians need you!

5:47  THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Logos of the following sponsors

Sorenson VRS (Yellow S with black letters SVRS)

DawnSign Press  Yellow sun logo with www.dawnsign.com underneath and then American Sign Language Publisher at the bottom)

Purple   Purple background with white letters spelling out Purple

DCS  (two different shades of blue letters) DCS Deaf Community Services of San Diego.Inc

Unity Leads to Success  a tree with twisted trunk and different shades of leaves.  UNITY (each letter has different shade of the rainbow)  is underneath the tree

Clip (tree design inserted here) Interpreting  Professional Certified Interpreters

Lenois Productions.  Green letter L in cursive and white letter p in print format. both letters are fitted in a black circle 

1721 Studios a logo which can be partially seen

5:51  Beige background with blue borders  CAD logo and www.cad1906.org inserted within the blue borders.

Design and Photo by 1721 Studios  Video by Lenois Productions

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