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CAD Responses to WPSD Hunger Strike

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CAD Logo- Light blue Circle with dark blue  letters CAD inside.  Outside of the letter is black letters: "California Association of the Deaf 1906"

Julie Rems-Smario appears with title below " CAD President 0SB 210 Update-  (she is a white female presenting person with  short light brown hair and brown eyes.  She is wearing a dark gray blouse with silver earrings and a thin turquoise necklace with shell pendant.   She has a silver cuff on her right hand and a turquoise  bracelet on her left hand.   In the background is a white wall with mirror with gold frame.  they CARE about LANGUAGE ACQUISITION

I’ve begun my hunger strike supporting the brave & courageous ones who started the multiple weeks of hunger strike 

they CARE about our DEAF CHILDREN  (caps in teal)

they CARE about the FUTURE

they CARE about DEAF EDUCATION with BILINGUAL programs

This situation’s NOT about one school (NOT in red and school in teal)

The concerns apply to many schools  (schools in teal)

I thank the STRIKERS for the gift of a very CRUCIAL discourse (caps in gray and STRIKERS & discourse in teal)

of a very important discourse (discourse in teal)

Let’s step back to   look at the BIG picture (BIG in teal)

We need to STOP saying we are (STOP in red) “fine”

by moving forward & claiming it’s all THUMBS UP

Always CHECK-IN with the schools (CHECK-IN and schools in teal)

LISTEN actively  (LISTEN in teal)


EMBRACE all views (EMBRACE in teal)

RESISTING these dialogues  is (RESISTING in red and dialogues in teal)

teaching the children not to be (children in teal and not in red)

receptive to community’s ideas (community in teal)

this refusal to engage is teaching (refusal in red and engage in teal)

children to DISMISS (children in teal and DISMISS in red)

the community … OUCH  (community in teal and OUCH in red)

It’s DANGEROUS to keep (DANGEROUS in red)

our community and schools APART (community & schools in teal and APART in red)

Deaf children can’t live without    (Deaf children in teal)

the COMMUNITY -- we bear  (COMMUNITY  in teal)

the responsibility to cherish  (cherish in teal)

our community: Deaf community  (Deaf in teal) 

which includes Deaf individuals  (Deaf in teal)

the recurring dismissive behavior (dismissive in red)


This means missed opportunities 

for dialogues, learning & growth (dialogues, learning, growth in teal)

A good community dialogue (community dialogue in teal)

welcomes all stakeholders  (welcomes in teal)

can hire consultants (hire in teal)

with expertise in (expertise in teal)

Deaf schools with Bilingual Education   (all in teal except with)

and Deaf children’s need for language  (child’s and language in teal)

acquisition, both tactile & visual (acquisition in teal)

we have the resources  (resources in teal)

we have research-based findings (research-based findings in teal)

about ASL & English  (ASL & English in teal)

we all know about VL2  (VL2 in teal)

which has scientifically shown 

that Deaf babies and kids acquire  (all teal except for that & and)

language through their EYES (language an EYES in teal)

HANDS (Tactile Sign Language)   (all in teal)

It’s a very exciting time 

with the abundance of research  (abundance of research in teal)

I see this stubborn hold on 

antiquated educational concepts

Let it go!  (all teal)

Let it go!! (all teal and bigger fonts)

Let it go!!! (all teal and LARGE fonts)

Stop the community shaming (community in teal and shaming in red)

for sharing their concerns (sharing and concerns in teal)

like the hunger strike  (hunger strike in teal)

It’s now OUR opportunity  (OUR in teal)

especially the school administrators

to MEET face to face (MEET in teal)

LISTEN actively (LISTEN in teal)

ASK how to create changes  (ASK, we, change in teal)

TOGETHER (teal) 


TOGETHER  (teal)

END  hunger strike shaming (hunger strike in teal and shaming in red)

HONOR THEM  (teal)

by utilizing this opportunity (teal) 

to CHECK-IN with our schools (CHECK-IN and schools in teal)

and develop HEALTHY   (HEALTHY in teal)

SCHOOLS all over the U.S  (SCHOOLS in teal)

starting with WPSD  (WPSD in teal)

and its national ripple effect 

School administrators and boards (all teal except for and)

SEIZE this moment   (Seize in teal)

It’s a beautiful opportunity   (beautiful in teal)

Thank you  (teal)

black and yellow logo for hunger strike chain… Starving for ASL with several hands signing starving


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