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Meet Stacy Abrams, the Person Who Started the #whyIsign Movement

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The background is white. White graphics : #whyIsign A white female presenting person with long hair. She is wearing a black t-shirt with #whyIsign logo print.

She signs: #whyIsign.

Graphics (black background with white fonts, which is consistent throughout the video):

Meet Stacey Abrams about #whyIsign

Stacey: How did #whyIsign start? I thought of it to inspire families everywhere to share their personal stories about why they elect to sign with their Deaf children.

Now it is your opportunity to share YOUR story!

There are countless reasons why we care so much about signing ASL.

Graphics: Top reasons why Stacey supports #whyIsign


#1 To sign is human

#2 Researches have proven that learning ASL first can help improve speaking skills

#3 It is important that the baby is exposed to ASL because language acquisition is important to take place during first five years of the child's life

#4 The point of the #whyIsign message is that Deaf children who have ASL have greater academic success

Graphics: Who Can Join #whyIsign?

Stacey: All kinds of companies, businesses, Deaf owned- businesses, and organizations are all welcomed to join!

Graphics: You can help make #whyIsign go VIRAL! Share your story with the media!

Stacey: Share your story with the news. Write letters to the media. Write articles and blogs. Also do vlogs.

Graphics: Share your story with #whyIsign March 13-15th

Stacey: Sign ASL! That's the point!

Graphics: #whyIsign with Stacey

Graphics: Logos of CAD, LEAD-K, DawnSignPress and Lenois Productions surrounding #whyIsign logo.
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