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CAD President’s Announcement about CHAD

Image description and transcript below.  Due to limited resources for this long video, we are not able to caption it.  The transcript is for DeafBlind and non-signers

CAD Announcement about CHAD

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CAD Logo- Light blue Circle with dark blue  letters CAD inside.  Outside of the letter is black letters: “California Association of the Deaf 1906”

Julie Rems-Smario appears with title below ” CAD President’s Update about CHAD” (she is a white female presenting person with  short light brown hair and brown eyes.  She is wearing a cheetah patterned blouse, with the front collar adorned with gold metal, with a black blazer. She also has long gold and silver  hoop earrings, silver cuff on her right hand and a brown  bracelet on her left hand.   In the background is a white wall with mirror with gold frame. 


Hello!   CAD recently went through major changes.  During the 1960’s, CAD purchased property in Arcadia, which is near Pasadena in Southern California. The purpose of the purchase was for the inception of California Home for the Aged Deaf (CHAD) which is an assisted living  services. The building can serve up to 22 residents who need additional support such as cooking and taking their medications.  It is valuable resource of services.

During the 2000s, not exactly sure when, CHAD changed its name to California Home for Adult Deaf, to broaden its scope of services to more people; and to change their status when it had spun off as an independent nonprofit organization with their own 501(c)3.  CAD became the landlord, renting out the building to CHAD for only $1.00 per year which is very cheap.

In exchange for the practically free rent, CHAD maintained our property to keep the  building in a good condition.  This was a good arrangement created through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both organizations; In the MOU both organizations agreed that if it comes to selling the CAD property, CAD will receive 70 percent of the proceeds after the property  is sold, while CHAD will receive 30 percent.

The MOU was signed by CAD president at that time, which I believe was in 2009- I don’t have the exact year- the CAD president at the time was Ralph Singleton. The president of CHAD who signed the MOU was Scott Hostetler, who remains as the president of CHAD’s today.

When I became CAD President in 2013,  we (CAD Board) discovered that CAD’s nonprofit status 501c3 had been revoked for three years prior, so our number one priority was to focus on restoring the nonprofit status. Thus, many other issues that needed CAD’s attention were put on a hold.  The focus was to save CAD.

During November 2014, Scott Hostetler, CHAD President, met with CAD Board of Directors during our statewide meeting in Los Angeles. That was when Dr. Roz Rosen had her retirement and farewell party before she move to Arizona.

Anyhow, we had a closed meeting. He (Scott) expressed his concerns about the CHAD building–which is CAD’s property rented out to CHAD. This building is not in a good condition.  There are so issues requiring attention.  It is falling apart.  For instance, the water heater had broken down. It is costing CHAD a lot of money to fix several things at the building.  This frustration is understood by the Board.  It is a serious issue.  Additionally, the building is currently not in compliance with the city’s building codes.  The city codes had change, but the building is not in compliance.

After a good amount of time of listening to Scott Hostetler’s concerns about the building issues, the Board asked him what he wanted to do.  His response was, “I suggest that CAD sell the property”.   Although we were surprised with his response,  we were fine with his suggestion.  There was one issue with Scott’s suggestion — CAD did not have its 501(c)3 restored yet.  So, we asked Scott to wait until CAD’s 501(c)3 issue is resolved. Once it’s resolve, we can focus on selling the property.  Remember, this was discussed back in November 2014.

Now let’s fast forward to May 2015—CAD received good news! CAD was notified that its 501(c)3 nonprofit status is restored!  We are back in business!  At this time, we informed Scott that CAD is able to move forward and sell CAD property.

CAD property was sold for 1.8 million dollars to the highest bidder.  Keep two things in mind: 1) The building was not in a good condition 2) the building is not in compliance with the city’s codes.   So, we were not able to get a bid higher than 1.8 million dollars.  It was the best deal after approximately two months of being on market.  With that said, KUDOS to great work between CHAD and CAD to make this happen.

Now, what is happening with the CAD’s 70% and CHAD’s 30% of the proceeds from the property sale?   This is important information—

Last September (2015), at CAD statewide conference in San Diego, a motion was passed for the 70% to be established as CAD endowment with three trustees. I have already appointed one trustee to lead the trustees.  His name is Clark Brooke.  I am excited to be working with him.  That’s the plan for the 70%.

Next January, CAD Board will get together for a retreat to create a new vision, including an outline of funding priorities for the endowment’s yearly interest -generated profit to support Deaf California’s needs such as advocacy, especially when we are in a state of emergency or meet the children’s needs regarding their education, or whatever is the need.  The CAD Board has to decide what are the priorities. This will give CAD more clout for our state advocacy and legislative efforts. It is a very exciting time. This what what we will do with the 70%

Now let’s go to the 30%—Currently, the fund is parked with CAD’s lawyer. Although it belongs to CHAD, as our effort to protect it.  $60,000 has recently been allocated to CHAD for the following needs:  1) pay for the moving expenses to move to Riverside 2) purchase new furniture at the new place  and 3) and the first year of rent which is $3,500 per month.

The remaining (CHAD) fund, which is about $400,000, has been parked to give CHAD the time they need to organize and buy more time to get the stakeholders in Riverside Deaf community, especially the Deaf Senior Citizens, to become involved with CHAD, so they can influence decisions about what to do with the 30%.  Then CAD will release the funds to CHAD.  In a few months, the 30% will be released to CHAD after they have “their ducks in a row”— Once the Riverside stakeholders are organized by working with CHAD, the 30% will be released to them.

CAD wants to protect the 30% by empowering CHAD to work the Deaf Senior Citizens and  Deaf community of Riverside.

This is where we are with both funds.  Recently, I have been asked about the amount CAD received as part of the 70%.  It is under 1.2 million dollars, which is currently parked at Merrill to protect it, so CAD Board of Directors can meet and make the decisions. We will keep you notified about the next steps.

Once again, it is an exciting time for both CHAD and CAD.  Thank you, CAD community, for your support.  I strongly encourage Riverside community to INVEST in CHAD by getting involved.  If you want to know how you can get involved, contact Scott Hostetler, or contact me and I will guide you to the people with the information you need.

Thank you.  Happy Holidays!  We have so much to be thankful for.  I look forward to 2016!