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The background is white graphics: #whyIsign  A Black female presenting person iconically known as Rosa Lee.  She has light brown curly hair and a blue blouse.

Rosa Lee: #whyIsign

Rosa Lee: What is #whyIsign? Stacey Abrams created the idea when she became curious about  hearing families who learned ASL and signed with their Deaf children. So she videotaped those  families’ stories. Those videos of families’ stories became VIRAL, touching many hearts. So, now, guess what? This campaign is reaching out to the WORLD. We are curious why you value signing  ASL.

Graphics: (black background with white fonts, which is consistent throughout the video)

Rosa Lee’s three reasons for supporting #whyIsign

Rosa Lee:

#1 I sign with my children.  Their imagination has unlimited creativity.

#2 Did you know that babies at birth are ready to acquire languages right away? If the baby is Deaf, grab the  opportunity to sign, exposing the baby to ASL. The baby will quickly acquire the signed language.

#3 Studies have shown that a Deaf child growing up with two or more languages, including ASL, is more ready to learn academically than those with only one language.

Graphics: What is your #whyIsign story?

Rosa Lee: Now it’s time for us to work together and let everyone know to share stories.

Graphics: Remember to hashtag your story!

Rosa Lee:  Grab this opportunity to SHARE your story.  Go ahead to share, share, share your story.  MAKE YOUR STORY GO VIRAL!

Graphics: I don’t have Deaf children.  Can I join #whyIsign? YES!!!

Rosa Lee: Different schools can join. It can be your class project.  Allies such as CODAs, interpreters, or  anyone who supports signing ASL.

Graphics:  What do I share for #whyIsign?

Rosa Lee: You share how signing ASL made an impact on you and how it changed your life. Go ahead and share your story with others. If you read a good article that supports signing ASL, share about it.  Or if you’ve found statistics supporting ASL, tell us about it. Share! Share! Share!

Graphics: Visit #whyIsign for ideas!

Rosa Lee:  If you are not sure about what to share, don’t worry.  Go and search for #whyIsign.  You will find many stories with #whyIsign hashtags which had gone viral in social media. You can become part of this trending.

Graphics: When does this exciting #whyIsign trending start?

Rosa Lee: It starts on March 13th for 48 hours. You simply hashtag your stories #whyIsign. Get as many stories as possible out there in social media. Go trending!

Graphics: You can make #whyIsign 48 hour campaign go TRENDING!

Rosa Lee: The goal of #whyIsign is to make it go TRENDING in social media.

Graphics:  Come and join #whyIsign!

Rosa Lee:  Now I am curious why you value signing ASL

Graphics: SHARE YOUR #whyIsign stories  MARCH 13th – 15th

Rosa Lee: #whyIsign (graphics of #whyIsign)

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