Last Tuesday the world witnessed a phenomenal moment with Nyle DiMarco, winner of America Next Top Model Season 22, seizing the Mirror Ball after several weeks of competition with 11 other stars on Dancing With the Stars Season 22. We are so proud Nyle DiMarco, especially with the fact that his historical dancing moment took place in our own beloved state, California!!

One year ago, only his family and friends knew who he was.Today the world has seen and heard his victorious dancing accomplishments. His professional dancing partner has shown what a healthy Deaf and hearing partnership and allyship can do! Thank you Peta for becoming our incredible ally!

Furthermore, Nyle also used his platform to educate millions of viewers about the importance of language acquisition for Deaf babies, supported LEAD-K, and established Nyle DiMarco Foundation.He has unselfishly used his fame and resources to support the Deaf community, especially the Deaf children.

Nyle is an incredible source of inspiration for millions of Deaf children as well as hearing children about what Deaf people can do… there is nothing they cannot do!

Thank you Nyle for this historical paradigm shift and for allowing the Deaf community to create this change with you! Never underestimate the power of the Deaf people’s voting along with their allies!

To see all of Nyle’s dance routines with his professional dancing partner Peta Murgatroyd: