Announcement from Rosa Lee and JAC Cook, Masters of Ceremonies

Video opens with CAD logo: Blue circle with CAD letters. Around the inner circle: California Association of The Deaf 1906

Video of two happy women smiling at the camera, Rosa Lee (left) and JAC Cook (right). Both are waving their hands.

Rosa Lee: Guess what? What are we doing this vlog? (enthusiasicly points at JAC). We will be the Masters of Ceremonies. (JAC chimes in, “MC!”) together for the first time (JAC chimes in again, “It’s gonna be fun!”) We will work together as emcees for…. (Rosa Lee turns to her left to look at JAC)

JAC: ASL Celebration hosted by California Association of the Deaf on September 28th from 9 AM to 3 PM. The location of ASL Celebration is at the state Capitol. The address is here below:

CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITOL (NORTH SIDE) 1315 10th Street, Sacramento, California 95814

Rosa Lee: Come and mingle at the ASL Celebration to recognize our 200th year (“Wow”, added JAC). We are celebrating Deaf children and their education and the spirit of how we as the Deaf community worked hard to prevent language deprivation. SEE YOU THERE!!

JAC: YEAHHH!!!!!!! (Pointing fingers at the camera with excitement).

Rosa Lee: (Joined JAC pointing fingers at the camera).